No matter whether you work in a commercial building or from a home studio, whether are a paid creative, or like to do stuff for your own enjoyment… your creative space has to be perfect. Its a special space, an inspiring space, put aside entirely for the purpose of creating. The energy, the position, the feel, has to be just right.

For me a light filled, striking space with a few statement pieces around makes it my own. I like it sparse, plenty of desk space, with containers or little wooden boxes for everything to go. Sometimes I clutter my area up with postitnotes, and torn off pages as ideas and brain storms happen. I make notes and sketches in coloured pens and pencils on scraps of paper. When Im designing packaging, there is cut up pieces of paper everywhere! By the end of a week, my studio is deep in clutter, but my aim is to have the desk clear by afternoon. Monday mornings I start a fresh again.  I like a space where I can be me, and my creative processes can just flowwww.

In my studio I position my desk so the morning sun is streaming in. I love the feeling of sunshine on my face and hands. This also contributes to lighting. A combination of natural light, from an open window, as well as good white lights, work well against computer screens. I like to work in the light.

If you are lucky enough, there  is nothing nicer than a view out a window. It’s even better if there is a tree or trees outside as well. To keep your head clear, try to find a space that has no pollution, fumes or traffic. Personally I like to work in fresh air and in silence. I like it to be peacefully chaotic in my head… it’s a beautiful mess in there!

No matter what gives you inspiration, having a studio or space to call your own doesn’t require a lot of money, or even a lot of of space, just as long as its an area you can call your own. The most important part is that your studio is your perfect creative space, your very own creative temple.