Tip 1: Enjoy the treats

Don’t overindulge as you sip champagne, eat ham with all the fixings, and finish with a plate of pavlova. Finding a balance between not overindulging and not mindlessly eating everything you see is essential to eating with awareness. Make an active effort to eat just when you are hungry and stop when you are full. This can be quite difficult when food is continuously presented to you and everyone around you is eating. 

Take time to genuinely appreciate the delicious food you’re consuming.

Tip 2: Disconnect to reconnect

We live in a digital age where we are always “plugged-in” and reachable at any time of the day by text, email, or one of the many social networks to which we have subscribed. Disconnecting can be challenging, especially for those of us who work in professions that don’t allow for complete shut-off. Log out of all work email accounts if you can, or delete them from your phone. 

Use this time to unplug from the internet and catch up with the friends and family you don’t get enough time to see throughout the year. It’s crucial and invigorating to completely participate in face-to-face encounters without the distraction of incoming notifications, so try placing your phone in a separate room or putting it on mute.

Tip 3: Maintain some normality and practise self-care

The Christmas period is notorious for throwing routine out the window and leaving us wondering what day it is. Maintaining some normality across this time will make it easier to get back into your routine come new year. Simple things like waking up at the same time each day, heading to the gym, preparing nutritious meals, yoga and meditation or going on walks will help keep you grounded and present. Do what makes you happy and find time for self-care routines that help you relax and unwind. Finding a happy medium between relaxation and routine is key.

Tip 4: Stay active

Maintaining an active lifestyle can significantly improve your mood and energy levels during the silly season. Simple activities like taking a stroll can improve your mood and clear your head. Going on the trek you’ve been wanting to go on or signing up for a new exercise class you’ve heard wonderful things about will not only be exciting and fun, but also a terrific way to stay active and enjoy the well-known psychological and physiological advantages of exercise.

Tip 5: Reflect and prepare for the year ahead

New Year resolutions are popular for a reason – the culmination of one chapter and the beginning of another forces us to take a look at ourselves and what we’ve achieved. While mindfulness is about remaining present, we all require some self-reflection and awareness from time to time.

By taking the time to identify things in our lives that are weighing us down and making us unhappy like bad habits, negative internal dialogue, and toxic relationships – we are in a better headspace to get rid of these things that are no longer adding to our lives, making room for positive things that lift us up.