Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for businesses worldwide, and Toowoomba business owners are no exception. To keep their businesses running and ensure their services are offered with social distancing in mind, many have had to come up with innovative solutions. One such business owner is Natalie Fogarty, who owns and operates Vigour Graphics, a company that provides web design, graphic design, logos, and branding.

Natalie has been busy during the pandemic, with many businesses approaching her to put more emphasis on online marketing. As people were spending more time shopping online instead of visiting physical shops, Natalie saw a surge in demand for her services. However, working from home meant she had to find a way to make her services more COVID-friendly. Clients would often come to her house to collect their orders, so she needed a solution to safely exchange freight, brochures, business cards, and other printed items.

That’s when she came up with the idea of building a giant COVID mailbox. She enlisted the help of her husband, as well as her mother and father-in-law, to build the mailbox. Natalie wanted to make sure that the mailbox was not only practical but also a nice feature along their road. She decorated it to personalize it and make it her style.

The COVID mailbox has been a hit with her clients. It provides a weather-proof, secure solution that keeps everyone safe and provides contactless delivery. Natalie said, “Now that restrictions are more relaxed, we still use the mailbox, especially for clients who are time-poor and just want to pick up or drop off their jobs quickly and easily at a time that suits them.”

Natalie’s COVID mailbox is an example of how businesses can adapt and find creative solutions to the challenges posed by the pandemic. She believes that it’s important for businesses to learn to adapt during these hard times. “With the new ways we have to do business, we need to think smarter,” she said. “Some of the solutions are so simple to work around. To me, my COVID mailbox made perfect sense for a home business.”

As we navigate the new normal brought on by the pandemic, businesses must be willing to adapt to survive. Creative solutions like Natalie’s COVID mailbox can help businesses provide their services safely while maintaining social distancing.