Well its been 5 long years since I have payed any attention to my own website. I know right…disgraceful….

But it’s a bit like the old saying, “I can’t stop rowing the boat long enough, to get the motor started!”

And its been exactly like that.

Every time I planned on some spare time, another load of jobs would come in, (…don’t get me wrong, I am truly grateful), but it also meant I just couldn’t “get around to” rebuilding my website. The years rolled on. It was against everything I tell my clients, old, out dated, had very little engaging content.  My website was an absolute embarressment. I would shudder every time someone said they had found me on Google. “Oh no… I hope they didn’t stay on there long…” I would think.

So last month, I crossed out an afternoon a week, and forced myself to work on a new website. Some nights well into the wee hours. I am so pleased I did. The pain is over. It’s new, its fresh, has engaging content, its even higher ranked on the Toowoomba Graphic Designer list, and I am getting so much work from new clients. My amazing existing clients have commented too. Its the best thing I have ever done. So I have to share this with you.

Moral of the story: “Stop rowing the boat long enough, to get the motor started!”

The business rewards are so worth it.

Have a great day. Nat:)