A New Year ahead is time for looking back to look to the future for your business.  Make your brand stand out from the rest with Vigour Graphics, no matter what the universe throws at you.  Use our Award-Winning experience to unlock your best year yet. 

Our Top Tips in no particular order…

  • Re-evaluate your business identity, values and voice. 
  • Check you have consistency to your visual identity.
  • Refresh or re-evaluate you company tagline.
  • Revamp and refresh your website.
  • Create a new campaign
  • Set Goals
  • Elevate the goods or services in your business that served your customers last year.
  • Trash the goods or services in your business that did not serve your customers last year.
  • Plan out your blogging calendar. (Seasonal, monthly or even weekly)
  • Create your social media calendar for the next month.
  • Do a social media audit. Check for brand consistancy across all platforms.
  • Highlight your competitive edge with a reintroduction of your Business and Team in your Socials.
  • Start building an image library for the year ahead.
  • Ask customers for reviews and testimonials, refresh them on your website.
  • Tidy up all those “80% Done” jobs
  • Be more active in your professional memberships.
  • Ask Vigour Graphics to put your website on maintenance if it is not already.
  • Refresh your Business Card and Stationery Supplies.
  • Keep an eye on future trends
  • Stop and smell the roses. If you’ve been neglecting your health, your family or friends, make a point to change that and you’ll be more likely to be successful in your work life as well.

    Schedule your website and branding review with Vigour Graphics now, for a bright, fresh and bountiful business in 2022.