Degradation or “Low Resolution Pixelation” is a common problem for many businesses and their Logos.

Over time, and use the files become small, distorted, stretched or even lost. Its not until the organisation needs a large sign or promotional materials or embroidery work, that they realise they don’t have a quality version of their files available. If this has happened to you, don’t worry, I can redraw and “Save” your logo.

I have rescued many logos, tidied them up and supplied all new files in all the versions required. Including ones you cannot open for sign writers and embroiderers. Here is the Horse Driving Trials Club Logo. See the before and after. Squashed and ratty, now smooth, angled and in proportion.

All is not lost and with all new shiny files, the pain and frustration of lack lustre Logo files will be gone!. Nat:)