Practicing gratitude every day is not any easy thing.

Wouldn’t it be easier to simply bumble around in life in some kind of transient state, oblivious of anything going on around you, waiting for “One Day”?  But is that really living? What is all this talk about practicing gratitude anyway?

Well, I’m no expert, but to me it is being thankful. It’s counting your blessings, acknowledging everything and everyone that is around you, it’s living consciously, graciously, positively and purposefully. People say that when you shift your life to living with gratitude, a whole new word opens up. Your focus becomes more on what abundance you have, not what you don’t have. You become happier, you are more resilient, your health improves, your sleep improves, your stress levels plummet and your relationships with those that matter, thrive. You become an even  better version of you.

Now, I don’t have any formal training on this, but I believe it works.

I practice gratitude and I love it. Hell, I’m no angel, some days I forget, but that’s ok. I’ll start again from the very next moment I realise. As time goes on though, I feel I am getting better at living with gratitude, because I consciously train myself to do it.


The most beautiful thing about living with gratitude is that you find joy in the smallest of things in life. Instead of holding out for “One day”, you live in the present. This is so important, especially with your relationships and children. Don’t hold out for the right time to  allow yourself to feel gratitude and joy. Now is the right time.

Gratitude helps you put things into perspective. Such as when things don’t go your way, something bad happens or when someone treats you badly. (On a side note, when a person treats you badly, understand this…. It is all about them, and nothing about you.) Ask yourself, when something bad happens, what is the good that can come out of this situation? Ask yourself, how can I learn, benefit, and grow from this? Then, put it to bed, move on, do not dwell on it a single moment longer.

Once you are tuned into gratitude, you begin to appreciate simple pleasures and things that you previously took for granted. You notice the little things and take the time to look for the good in everything, even in unpleasant situations.

It’s time to give yourself permission to feel gratitude in your life, instead of waiting for a positive experience.

Bring gratitude to your daily experiences, live graciously, happily and then you will be motivated to live a fuller life with love.