I have worked from home/provided a mobile service for 12 years.
Follow your dream… and if you need to work from home to achieve it, do it.

I am a Marketer, a Graphic Designer and Web Designer. I feel am living proof you can have your cake and eat it too. I have enjoyed an incredible career, as well as been there for my kids. I have met amazing people, been invited to amazing places, established strong friendships and business relationships with all kinds of people, and still been home in the afternoons for my children, sport and to sit down for evening meals.

Its a juggling act, but if you are organised, committed and passionate, it can work.

For me, I set myself a few ground rules, they really worked for me.

  • Have your own room, studio or office work area.
  • Turn up, bright eyed and bushy tailed everyday, get dressed, madeup, heels and ready for work at 8.30am, even if no-one is likely to visit.
  • Never work in your pyjamas.
  • Never eat at the computer. (Have breaks)
  • If someone wants something done and you have never done it before… but it’s totally in your mind set, say yes, and learn how to do it on the job.
  • Never undervalue your skills, just because you work from home or co-work or are a mum, you are still an absolute skilled professional, so charge your worth.
  • Word of mouth is your best advertisement.
  • Don’t work for friends for free, or don’t work for friends full stop.
  • When people come to you, they come with a problem. They are after goods or services that you provide that will solve their problem. Your job is to solve that problem and if you do, you will have a customer for life!
  • Return all calls, messages and texts as quick as humanly possible.
  • Don’t become all consumed by Social Media, Vanity Likes and Post Reach. The only people that matter are your clients and the quality of the jobs you do for them. New clients come from word of mouth, your work and your portfolio. (Oops, who said that?!!)
  • Shut that studio/office door at 5pm on Friday and do not go back in till 8.30am Monday.

This has worked for me. I hope it can help you. Nat:)