I may be small but my ideas are big…

Take a look through the drop down menus under “design” and browse a very small cross-section of my work. I am passionate about design and work well under pressure. I have a keen eye for balance and layout. I come from a family history of Graphic Design and Print Industry professionals and have a wealth of knowledge regarding paper and stock, colour conversions, harmonies and formulas, folds, weights and sizing.

Because I have been exposed to, and in the industry all my life, this means that, with my experience and knowledge, at the end of the project, we know exactly what the outcome will be. I love my job, so I love that I can help you, quickly and efficiently and effectively. With 11 years as a freelancer, I’m not bumbling around in the dark. Ive done all this before. Take the time to look through the drop down menus under “design” and if you like what you see, please contact me.

“The thrill of creating new designs and logos is what keeps me going. I like the satisfaction of when a job goes well and it looks really good, especially when you can tell the client is pleased too.”

Make an enquiry, I'd be delighted to quote!