Many people believe that their branding is complete if their logo is present on all of their print and online assets, including their business cards, flyers, website, email signatures, and brochures. However, this is untrue because the content, the colours, the typefaces, the style, and even your genuine voice will all be inconsistently employed throughout the materials. Would anyone know who or what business the artwork is for if your logo was hidden on any of your marketing materials?

A brand is unquestionably distinct from a logo. 
They do, however, work together closely. A logo is a graphic element with a name when taken on its own. Everything that represents your company and gives your logo significance is part of your brand. Together, a well-designed logo and brand strategy can help you reach your target audience effectively and quickly, communicate your message, your value, and benefits, and visually draw in more customers.

A logo is nothing more than a simple icon or symbol, written text, or both, with certain colours that convey your brand name and what your business does for people. It conveys a businesses message quickly and visually. Depending on the viewer’s relationship with the company, a well-designed logo should stir up some memories or feelings. A logo is significant since it serves as the foundation for a company’s identity and aids in increasing brand recognition, yet it is not your entire brand.